Honour Boards

Club Legends

In the "Centenary year of Rugby League" , 2008, Southern Suburbs Rugby League Club presented 'Legends Jerseys' to some 28 Legends of the club.

Then naming of the team of the 20th Century was bound to draw debate. Notable omissions from the final selections were Pat McMahon (47-52) and Don Furner(51 - 53) who both made their international debuts from Souths. John Gleeson, Dennis Mateit and Mick Vievers were other , who represented their country prior to playing with Souths.

The Heritage Jerseys Awarded to the final selections were of Green and Gold hoops similar to those worn by the original South End Club, the forerunner to Southern Suburbs. The green and gold was worn by Souths until 1959,  an ARL Directive decreed that the Green and Gold be reserved for the National Team. The familiar Black and Gold has been worn ever since.

1.  Fullback Ray Schmidt 'Bomber' 11. Front Row Jeff Gill 'Gilly'
2.  Winger Russ Brown 12. Hooker Scott Kuhnemann 'Dotty'
3.  Centre Ken McCaffrey 'MACA' 13. Front Row Bill Pollard 'Billy' 
4.  Centre Pat Thrupp 'Thruppy'  14. Five Eight Bob Swain 'Stumpy'
5.  Winger Greg Wuersching 'Bubbles' 15. Half-Back Albert Payne 'Payney' 
6. Five-Eight Graham Laird 16. Second Row Graham Smith 'Butch '
7. Half-Back Wayne Smith 17. Lock David Collins
8. Lock Athol Smith 18. Second Row Dean McCarthy 'Choice'
9. Second Row Barry Cook 'Cookie' 19. Half-Back Jim Evans 'Percy"  
10. Second Row Ted Gill 'Gilly" 20. Fullback Kelvin Vickery

Coach    Joe Will   
Manager  Rex Zeeman
Manager    Lance Aldridge 
Strapper / Trainer  Harry Barrett  
Club Legend Neale Obst  
Club Legend  Stan McKenzie 
Club Legend  Alan Selman  
Club Legend Brian Clelland 
Club Legend Wilf Gowland

 Past Presidents

1951 - 52  L.A..Wood MLA                                1987 - 89 R. Zeeman
1953 - 54 S. Cordwell   1990 R. Inglis
1955 - 56 E.Kimmins   1991 R. Zeeman
1957 - 58 W.D. Wallis   1992 - 94 G. Weatherstone 
1959 E. Kimmins   1995 R. Goldong /B. Hearn
1960 - 61 W.J.Watson   1996 - 98 B. Hearn
1962-1963 W.R. Gowlett   1999 B.Dobby / N. Obst 
1964-65 D.O'Mara    2000 - 2001 N. Obst 
1966-67 B.Ford   2002 D. Mills 
1968-69 J. Keenan   2003 - 06  M. Rathbone 
1970- 72  R.Bateman   2007  G. Wuersching  
1973 - 1978 S.R.McKenzie   2008  R. Laing / R. Payne  
1979 - 80 N.Obst   2009 -2010  R. Payne
1981 - 1982 A.J. Selman   2011 - 2013 J. Klein
 1983 - 1986 W.R. Gowlett   2014 P.Herbert 

Life Members

E. Kimmins  J. Cleary  A. Brooks  B. Ford  R. Bateman  M. O'Reilly  Mrs. R. McKenzie 
W. Gowlett  W. Stanley  J. Keenan  L. Taylor  A. Selman  P. Bowe  Mrs. J. Selman 
R. Lacey  E. Obst  J. Watson  J. Brooks  N. Obst  S. Ridge  H. Barrett
V. Cleary  L. Garbutt  L. Aldridge D. O'Mara  S. McKenzie  E.J. Dwyer  Mrs. J. Bowe
Mrs. C. Gowlett R. Zeeman  Mrs. D. Browne  Mrs. L. Barrett  B. Clelland  S. Kuhnemann  R. Payne 
G. Wuersching R. Wuersching Ms. L. Brunner G. Forde  P. Herbert H. Farlow